Zach's 1st day of pre-school

Zach started pre-school the day after we got home from California.  His class starts at 8 am, which was a little early the day after getting home from vacation, but he was excited to go to school!  We can't believe you are old enough for pre-school, Little Texas.  We love you and are excited to see all the things you will learn this year.


California - Day 4

We spent our last day in California back at the beach.  We LOVE the beach!  It is so relaxing and entertains everyone for hours.  It was great having Grandma and Grandpa join us for a couple days.  Until next year, SoCal!

Rich and his dad

 Grandpa, Grandma, and Kids

Rich after boogy boarding

Kennedy and McGuire practicing their skills on the boardsOne last trip to Downtown Disney


Chloe's dancing skills



California Trip - Day 3

DISNEYLAND!! It was hot and the lines were long, but we had a GREAT time.

Something I wish I had a picture of - Chloe riding the roller coaster in Toon Town.  Below are other fun highlights from the day.

Visiting the princesses and Critter Country with Grandma Ruth 

Visiting Mickey Mouse - Chloe wasn't quite sure what to think of him! Captain Hook shook Zach's hand during the parade

Waiting for the parade and Chloe enjoying the show What kid wouldn't be happy with ice cream, suckers, and the biggest pickle ever! After the fireworks, Zach was asleep, McGuire was almost asleep, and Chloe was in the middle of a screaming fit. Rich opted to take the three kids home with Grandpa while Grandma, Kennedy, and mom stayed to ride one last ride. We walked right onto Pirates of the Caribbean. Kennedy loved having mom and Grandma all to herself!Favorite picture of the day!


What made me smile this morning

Listening to McGuire READ a book to Chloe while I made breakfast.  He is becoming quite the little reader.