California Trip - More of Day 2

The other great thing about day 2 of our trip was that we were joined by these great people

Grandma and Grandpa A. flew in from Utah to spend a couple days with us.  They met us on the beach after our family pictures and spent the day there with us.  From the beach, the girls headed to LA to visit the American Girl store.  Kennedy and Chloe were both in doll heaven.


While we enjoyed some shopping, the boys had a great time at the Angels baseball game

(pictures courtesy of Rich's iPhone)


California Trip - Day 2

We started day 2 of our trip to California on the beach taking family pictures.  Our neighbor, who happens to be a photographer, and who happened to be vacationing in Cali at the same time met up with us and took some great pics!  You can see them here or here for even more pics

Lucky for us, our neighbor and her family happen to be great friends so we spent the rest of the day at the beach with them and she snapped more pics for us!























Don't know why I can't flip this picture...

Thanks Britain for all the fun pictures!


California Trip - Day 1

We got home from Utah, spent a couple weeks sweltering in the heat and getting ready for school and then headed off for our annual trip to the beach.  This year, we decided to throw in a day at CA Adventure and a day at Disneyland, but we didn't tell the kids about it!  We pulled in to Anaheim around 9:00 on Tuesday evening and headed right for Downtown Disney.  Kennedy was immediately excited.  Zach and McGuire had been asleep and took a little time to come around to the idea of it all, but were super excited once they woke up a little more. Chloe was beyond ecstatic when we walked into a store and she found the wall of stuffed Disney characters.  At one point, she was carrying around 2 Minnie Mouses' and a Mickey Mouse.

The next day, we took them to California Adventure.  About 25 seconds after we walked through the gate, Zach broke his sandal.  I spent too much time going to every store in that place trying to find him a pair of sandals. They only had crocs - with Mickey Mouse on them - for $35.  By the end of the day, his feet were covered in blisters.  Other than that little mishap, we had a great time!

This is how Chloe watched every show and rode every ride. 



Playing in the misters while Rich and the other kids rode California Soarin'


iPhone pictures

It is always funny to see what the kids take pictures of when they get a hold of my phone.  Here is a small sampling...



It's even funnier to see what they record, but I can't figure out how to upload those to this site :) 


Family Reunion

After we spent a week with my family, the kids and I headed to Hanna, UT for Rich's extended family reunion (he was in AZ and couldn't get away).  We had a great time eating, playing, riding carts, boating, visiting, sleeping, and avoiding getting drenched in the rain (okay, Chloe and I were the ones who tried to avoid getting drenched. The rain didn't slow down the other kids!).  Sadly, I didn't pull out my camera nearly enough here either.  I did get pictures of the kids down at the boats.  McGuire refused to join us - he was still nervous from his canoe ride last summer when Rich and Uncle Sean rocked the boat while out on the lake.  We loved spending the time with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins and look forward to the next reunion in 2 years (hopefully Rich will be able to join in the fun!).

These were the clouds we saw driving to the reunion. That and the fact that we drove past snow made me a little nervous as to what I was getting into - considering we were going to sleep in a tent. Thankfully we had a great tent and it really only rained for a better part of the day on Wednesday.

On the paddle boat with Grandpa Don and Shelby

Zach was lucky enough to score a ride in the kayak

Chloe was happy to be by the water, but NOT on a boat!