Look who turned FOUR!

Zach loves being able to celebrate his birthday with cousins every year.  This year, we all gathered at my sister Launna's house for dinner, the first annual cousin talent show, and Zach's birthday.  He had a great time opening his presents and sharing party hats and cakes with everyone.  This year, we added Uncle David's name to the cake too since his birthday was just a couple days later.

Of all his presents, Zach was most excited about his shoes. He had been shopping with us when we bought Kennedy and McGuire new shoes for school and I hadn't been able to find shoes his size at that time. He had many fits about it for a couple of weeks. So, he was super excited when he opened his present to see I had found him slip on shoes just his size!

Who knew party hats would be such a hit!














About Zach at four:

  • He LOVED swimming this summer and became quite the little fish
  • He loves to wrestle with his brother
  • He is a great cuddler
  • He asks lots of questions about lots of things
  • He loves to play the Wii
  • He enjoys his Sunbeam class at church and loves learning new songs in Primary

We love you Zachy and love having you as a part of our family!


More Utah

After spending the 4th of July weekend with Rich's family, we dropped him off at the airport to fly back to Arizona to work while we stayed to play.  We had so much fun, but somehow managed to only take this picture the entire week we were with everyone!

Swimming with cousins at DaybreakHere is a recap of all the happenings since I don't have picutes to remember everything (it's kinda of long and really just for my own documentation of events...feel free to skip over it!):

Tuesday: Dropped Rich off at the airport and headed to South Jordan.  We walked from Janelle's to Launna's (two of my sisters) house.  While on the walk, it started raining.  While putting his hands up in the sky, Zach said, "What is this stuff?" My sister Janelle thought it was funny he wouldn't know what rain was.  I reminded her it had probably been long enough since our last rain storm that Zach had a fuzzy recollection of what rain actually was.  The kids loved running around and especially loved the double rainbow we saw on our walk.

Wednesday: Dropped the boys off at my sister Lisa's house and picked up my niece Makaela.  Janelle, her kids, my other niece Rachael, Makaela, and my girls and I then headed to Park City for some back to school shopping.  I don't know who had more fun with their back to school shopping - Makaela or Janelle and I helping her!  I spent Wednesday evening at Lisa's house with her family playing and enjoying a yummy dinner.

Thursday:  Swam at the Daybreak swimming pool with Janelle and Launna and their kids.  The pool was FREEZING compared to our pool in AZ.  We still had a great time with everyone.  It started raining again as we were packing up to head home.  Spent a couple hours that afternoon at my sister, Launna's house.  That night, Janelle and I met up with my SIL Janae and my sister Emily (who was on her way home from Yellowstone) for some yummy dessert and fun chatting.  Thanks to my BIL, Sean who put my kiddos to bed while we enjoyed some girl time out!

Friday: Drove to Salt Lake to meet up with my BIL, Rob (Rich's twin) who was down from WY with his family for some dr. appointments.  Rob had been down with 3 of his kids for the 4th of July, but his wife and newborn daughter had not been there.  When I heard they were going to be back in SL I jumped at the chance to see my sister in law, Rebecca and hold their new little girl, Eve.  After spending some time with them we drove to my sister Lisa's house for family dinner and games.  Rich also flew in that night to spend the weekend with us. McGuire opted to spend the night at Lisa's and had a GREAT time!

Saturday:  The guys had an early tee time.  When they walked in the door, my sisters (Lisa, Launna, Janae, and Janelle) and I went to lunch and then to a cousin's baby shower.  We raced back home to head to Seven Peaks for the afternoon with everyone (Emily and her family joined us there).  We had a great time convincing the kids to go on the water slides.  They were troopers and went down a couple with us, but ultimately just wanted to spend their time in the lazy river.  Thankfully, my SIL Janae pulled her camera out and took a few pictures of our family.  After Seven Peaks we moved all our stuff and family to stay at Lisa's house (we had been at Janelle's).

Chloe and Raelee

Addy and Chloe











Mom and Chloe












 Apparently, the kids were starving and couldn't be bothered with looking at the camera!








Sunday: We had a family talent show and celebrated Zach's birthday (which I'll post about in a separate post)

Monday: Drove Rich to the aiport for a 6 am flight.  When we were all up and ready for the day, I drove to my sister Emily's house to visit.  Janelle and Launna joined us.  The greatest thing happened while BIL, Rich started playing a game on his playstation in his bedroom.  Before we knew it, 11 of the 13 kids (yes there are that many kids between the 4 sisters who were there) had piled on his bed to watch him.  That entertained them for over an hour.  We figured that was probably the first time all week we had been able to sit down and have an uninterrrupted conversation!  Lots of fun.  From there, we headed back to South Jordan where we met up with Lisa and her family and saw the movie Cars 2.

Tuesday: Packed up to head to Rich's extended family reunion (which will be another post)

Thanks to all our family who hosted, entertained, and took time off work to spend time with us.  The kids had an amazing time with their cousins and created fun memories.  We love you all and look forward to our next visit!


4th of July

We love going to Utah to celebrate the 4th of July in Rich's home town!

Chloe loving her first snow cone

Watching the parade with cousins











Rich, Ben, and Rob







McGuire and Luke watching baseball

Always the highlight is hanging out before the fireworks and then watching the show.  Last year, Chloe completely freaked out when the fireworks started.  This year, we started down the same path until I suggested she cover her ears so they weren't so loud.  She loved this solution and enjoyed the show much more.

Kennedy, Mom, and ChloePlaying games before the fireworksFamily picture - that everyone was THRILLED to take!Chloe watching fireworksIt was an enjoyable weekend with all the Andrus family.  Now if I could just find the disk with all the other pictures for that weekend... (Kappy, can you send me another copy?) :)


Swim Team

Kennedy and McGuire participated on the city's swim team this summer.  I would drop them off for practice at 8 am and pick them up at 9:20 (don't worry - they didn't actually both swim that amount of time.  Kennedy had practice first while McGuire watched and then McGuire practiced while Kennedy watched).  It was a lot of hard work for both of them and they did a great job of not complaining about it.  I think in the end, they felt a sense of accomplishment when they received their ribbons at the end of each race.

Modeling their new swim wearFirst meet







On your mark...















Kennedy working hard

McGuire at the end of a race











These guys were troopers sitting out in the heat for over two hours each meet.










It will be fun to watch Kennedy and McGuire progress each summer! (Zach and Chloe too, but they can't start swim team until they are 5 or 6)



The month of June was spent...

Swimming with friends... 


Teaching Chloe to slip n' slide... 

Swimming with Dad...Posing for the camera while swimming...Working on her talent of waving while under water...Finding the goggles that fit just right...And lots of kicking back and chillin'