Our weekend

Rich took last Friday off from work since he has been travelling so much lately.  We were very excited about having a weekend together as a family!  We were set to watch High School Musical 2 with some neighbors Friday night, take the kids to Ratatouille on Saturday, and then Rich and I were going to go on a date Saturday night.  Unfortunately, we had to change our plans when McGuire woke up throwing up on Friday morning.  It was so sad to see him sick!  He threw up throughout the whole weekend.  He camped out on the couch all weekend long and slept the days away.  He would wake up from a snooze, move to a different couch and then go back to sleep again.  We still had our weekend together as a family, we just didn't leave the house!  We had a great time watching DVDs, swimming, and ordering pizza.  The great news is that McGuire is feeling much better and is laughing and teasing again!

And yes, we were part of the 17.3 million people who watched HSM2 on Friday night!  Were you?

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