Our kids say the funniest things

(at least we think so)! 




She sounds like her eight year old sister

Chloe (who is 2 1/2) made a little puppet and church.  By the time we made it home, one of the eyes had fallen off so she was working herself into a little frenzy.  I told her not to worry I had more.  So, I pulled out my bucket that had googly-eyes in it and replaced the missing eye.  Not 2 minutes later I hear, "Really, a teeny one, REALLY?!  Mom, you put a teeny one on."  Apparently the new eye was a touch smaller than the other one.

A couple minutes later she says to me, "Mom, don't clear my sippy cup or else I will be so, so, so, super, super, mad."


Funny that I had just heard her sister say the exact thing not 5 minutes before.  Amazing how much they pick up on from their older siblings!


The "Olden Days"

Kennedy to Zach: "In the olden days pink was only for girls and blue was only for boys.  Now, it doesn't matter at all!" 


They are getting so old

From Chloe (2 years old) - Just about every sentence starts with "Guess what, Mom."  It makes me realize how quickly she is growing up.


From Kennedy - Driving in the car yesterday she said, "I didn't particularly like..."  I missed the rest of the sentence because I was amazed at how quickly she is growing and maturing and using words like particularly in a sentence.


It's a boy thing

"Mom, there were crickets outside so I peed on them."



Don't talk to me

When Chloe is about to do something she knows she shouldn't shes runs up to me and points her finger and says, "Don't talk to me, Mom."  Then she proceeds to do what she shouldn't.  When I try to step in to stop or redirect she looks at me, points her finger, and says very firmly, "I said don't talk to me, Mom."

Makes me smile every time (with my back turned of course!  I wouldn't want her to think this is actually pretty cute. :) )