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She sounds like her eight year old sister

Chloe (who is 2 1/2) made a little puppet and church.  By the time we made it home, one of the eyes had fallen off so she was working herself into a little frenzy.  I told her not to worry I had more.  So, I pulled out my bucket that had googly-eyes in it and replaced the missing eye.  Not 2 minutes later I hear, "Really, a teeny one, REALLY?!  Mom, you put a teeny one on."  Apparently the new eye was a touch smaller than the other one.

A couple minutes later she says to me, "Mom, don't clear my sippy cup or else I will be so, so, so, super, super, mad."


Funny that I had just heard her sister say the exact thing not 5 minutes before.  Amazing how much they pick up on from their older siblings!

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