The opposite of happy

Conversation while driving in the car yesterday:

Zach: Mom, can we go to Sonic and get a drink?

Me: No, it's not happy hour right now so the drinks cost too much (they are 1/2 from 2-4pm each day)

Chloe: So is it mean hour then?


So many questions

Zach has a knack for asking random questions.  Here is a sampling from today:

What is an engine block? (asked when getting in the car to take the kids to school)

Can I try eating deer some day?

What is inside a duck?

Would a tiger like to eat a duck?

Why would a firecracker be hot if I touched it?

How do they make fireworks different colors?


Still my all time favorite question he asked me a few months back was how does a cow get milk to come out of its p****?


Love his curiousity of all things!




Oh boy...

This blog has been neglected!  It is a little overwhelming to see the last time I posted was before Halloween.  That means I have

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving in Utah
  • Christmas in Utah
  • Christmas at home
  • Cousin visit
  • and just everyday stuff

to blog about.  In a perfectly non-busy world, I would have it all updated before Kennedy's birthday, birthday party, and baptism all happening in the next 10 days.  Slightly overwhelming so I better get started!


Home Sweet Home

This morning was a little rushed.  We all woke up slightly late, and everyone was not moving through their tasks as quickly as I would have liked.  I worked really hard to be patient and calm as I asked them to eat their breakfast for the twentieth.  In the middle of the hustle and bustle of it all, I looked up and watched McGuire across the room.  He let out a deep, contented breath, closed his eyes and said, "I love this place."

And then I stopped.  I smiled as I looked at each of our children and said a silent prayer of gratitude for having them in our home and as part of our family.  I, like McGuire, love this place we call home and I am grateful for the safe haven it provides our family from the world.


2011-2012 School Year

Kennedy and McGuire were excited to start school.  McGuire was beyond excited he got the same teacher Kennedy had for 1st grade.  Kennedy showed a little less enthusiasm about her teacher, but only because she didn't know who she was.  She has since grown to LOVE her teacher and is constantly telling us the funny things her teacher says and does in class.  

It will be great watching each child as they grow and develop in educational and social aspects this year.  Hard to believe we have a 1st AND 2nd grader!